Summer 2016


Summer was relatively ok this year. There were no crazy stretches of mid 40s’C and unbearable warm nights. The long days meant that Pinkxi and Bigbrownmonster were able to indulge in longer adventures like checking out gardens’ latest blooms, provided that they stayed well cooled and hydrated with lotsa yummilicious ice-cream and water melons. They also went to their favourite ice creamery/chocolatier at Yarra Valley and hung out along the Yarra River (while pigging out on cakes and stuff…hmmmm wonder why summer tends to bring out the sweet tooth in monsters….)


The shadows are as long as the days…and sometimes BBM secretly hopes that such long days with Lil Pinkxi will not end so soon. He wonders how many more summers will there be before Lil Pinkxi will grow as tall as he and perhaps then, there would be less days when she would hold his hands.


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