Autumn 2016

This autumn saw BBM bunkering down to finish up a monstrous chunk of homework and he certainly felt bad that he was not able to spend much of any quality time with Lil Pinkxi….but before he knew it he had to make a last minute trip to Denmark and then back to Singapore for a couple of weeks. BBM did manage to catch a couple of famous sites during his stay in Denmark, like the Little Mermaid (BBM had thought it was little as Pinkxi but turned out to be rather life-size), Nyhavn and the Tivoli. though unfortunately he didn’t get round to chomp down a Danish when he was there….

26607356200_61df40be49_z havn-01

(Nope…only pictures but no danish was harmed during the trip)


BBM would have loved to have Lil Pinkxi around this trip, since it would have been nice for her to meet up with the rest of the family and friends in Singapore. And BBM did miss Lil PInkxi quite badly at this point of his trip….cos he missed sharing his fav char kway teow with her….sigh.


But BBM was back in Melb town in no time and he brought her to the Melbourne Museum….and they had a really AWESOME time checking out the AWESOME Jurassic World Exhibit there. Had Pinkxi been younger, the dinos on display would have certainly spooked her out!


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