Oh what ears you have!


When you are a kid or someone very young-at-heart (like BBM), you really do not need Halloween as an excuse to dress up and chow down mouthful of treats! Halloween, is but only 1 day in the entire year, and it just sounds silly to leave all the dress up fun to that one day. 

BBM likes putting together special dressups for everyone, as long as they like goofing and spread love and laughter all round! Check out how LilPinkxi’s Foxy mask is made in this post and here’s BBM signing off with a uniquely unicorn (LilPinkxi says it reminds her of Starlight Sparkle from My Little Pony) look for this post.

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Dress up hairbands are handmade by BBM and costs starts from AUD10.


Fancy a PERSONALISED plush for a very special someone?