Summer 2017

This summer seems to be going on for quite a bit. But that also meant that BBM and Lil Pinkxi gets more days of fresh air and the great outdoors! Early summer days are great for venturing into the gardens and berry picking, and it’s always nice to have opportunities during her school hols to stretch ’em legs. 

Williamstown is a fav haunt for the BBM crew when they feel like ice cream and catching a view of the city across the bay. Usually enroute to their other popular school-cation destination – Scienceworks 🙂 For military history buffs, you guys can certainly catch the HMAS Castlemaine there. Maybe Pinkxi will appreciate such stuff when she’s older….

Oh yeshhhh berry-picking. A bit of a touristy thingy but Pinkxi and her friends (esp Zypzyp) loves strawberries. BBM thinks Zypzyp can probably gobble up the whole 10 rows of strawberries if left unchecked! But luckily he’s only Pinkxi’s imaginary friend (hmmm or maybe not? BBM can’t really be sure sometimes). Yarra valley is always popular for pickers during this time of the year…and the crew left with happy tummies and buckets full of berries.

The gardens are also blooming very nicely due to the warm weather. The crew also made a trip to National Rhododendron Gardens. Needless to say Pinkxi went totally gaga over the flowers and wished that she could shrink to fairy-portion and live a day amongst the pretty blooms.

Let’s hope the summer lingers on a bit more…without peaking above 33’C….

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