Cuddly Meows

BBM has gotten quite a few positive responses on the previous kitty plushies that he’d made.  Strangely he’s also been seeing some phantom cats popping up all over his house. What really intrigues him is that they are either napping or sneaking up on his sushis. Hmmm….. 


Kitty cushies are fully handmade. Napping kitties make great lap cushies and they love keeping you (& your ipad/book) company during the lazy afternoon or night in. *If you like cats but is unfortunately allergic to them, then this may just be the answer for you*. These kitty plushies certainly love a place in your homes.

Some of BBM’s acrylic cat paintings are also available for purchase as digital downloads at BBM’s Etsy shop OR you can simply message BBM directly 🙂