What Lies Ahead

Lil Pinkxi and BBM chanced upon a very special seat with a commemorative plaque at the National Rhododendron Gardens a while back. They decided to take a seat and rest their legs before continuing on their walk. BBM explained that it was installed to remember this special lady who probably loved this garden very much and that she had died a while back. 

Pinkxi: “Why is this the end of the road? I mean there is still a long way to walk (out of the garden).”

BBM: “Oh no no, it meant she is thinking about her life before she died.” 

Pinkxi: “So she wrote this before she died?” 

BBM: “Possibly” 

Pinkxi knotted her brows…”She stopped here before she died?” before she proceeded to figure out how long the lady had lived.

BBM: “Ermm perhaps she did like coming to this spot in the garden before she passed away.”

Pinkxi looked around. “Well, it’s got pretty flowers all around.” Still trying to work out the maths.

BBM: “So you think this view here is prettier than what is in a heaven or a hell?”

Pinkxi looked up and said “I don’t know about what is in a heaven or a hell. I only know that it is pretty here. Maybe she likes the view here. I like it….oh I got it! 67 years!”

BBM chuckled. “Why do you think it’s written here…a fresh start?”

Pinkxi: “Hmmm i don’t know….maybe it’s about a fresh start for other people resting on this seat. Maybe like us, they got tired of walking and they rested here for a bit. And after seeing the pretty flowers, they became not so tired anymore and can start walking again.”

BBM smiled. “Yes, possibly”

Such a in-the-moment literal reading to an otherwise conundrum about faith and the afterlife.

How true it is to pause, look up to see and smell the pretty flowers in our life’s journey. Even when we are tired and did stop, life flows for others who will walk further on this path. And with every chance that we can afford to pick ourselves up, consider it a fresh start. Perhaps only such is a Human’s life truly well-lived.

Thank you Ms Julia Potter.

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