Autumn 2017

This autumn seems be have arrived rather late. But all the better cos Lil Pinkxi & BBM get to hang out more outdoors. & BBM ain’t passing up the chance to visit Brickman’s Wonders of the World Exhibition at Melbourne Museum. BBM is quite a lego fan, and its just too awesome to see the amount of bricks that go into making all the landmarks from around the globe! The Taj mahal is certainly one of BBM’s fav pieces on display.

& sharp-eyed lil Pinkxi spotted a Merlion too tucked in a corner of the exhibition hall. They had fun too trying to find the explorer minifig and tallying the number up for the special draw but unfortunately they didn’t hear from the organisers about the results….well, better luck next time then!

Autumn is also the time to harvest the last of their homegrown berries and fruits in the veg garden. BBM had to still make sure the bugs and birds don’t get to the berries first but as the weather gets cooler, the berries got smaller.

Much to the dissapointment of Lil Pinkxi, but she had fun helping to care for the plants and most certainly enjoyed the fruits of *ehem* her labour. BBM hopes these strawberry bushies stay alive till end of winter so that they’ll get more berries next round.


 The cold is seeping in, winter is coming…..& so will be Lil Pinkxi’s grans, who will be visiting in a few weeks time :)))

Oh oh oh…BBM found a piece of gem when going through his stuff. He’s totally over the moon when it managed to power up! Lil Pinkxi was more perplexed as to why there was no touch function on its screen…..doh!

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