Kitty Kitty DoH Ray Mee

A follow-up on some of the kitty cushions done earlier. Maybe for some they like simply to stare into the hypnotic eyes of cats. They appear in 3 sizes (good things usually come in 3s don’t they?)…A small wrist cushy for mouse catching action, a medium neck cushy for tv binge dates and the large which sits nicely between your tablets/laptops and well, your lap!

Kitty cushies are fully handmade. These kitty cushies love keeping you (& your ipad/book) company during the lazy afternoon or night in. *If you like cats but is unfortunately allergic to them, then this may just be the answer for you*. These kitty plushies certainly love a place in your homes.

Some of BBM’s acrylic cat paintings are also available for purchase as digital downloads OR you can simply message BBM directly to get your very own kitty cushies 🙂