BigBrownMonster’s Customised Plushes


First things first……

  • Make sure you check out these Monsterly Creations to have a sense of what BigBrownMonster had made for other mummies and daddies worldwide.
  • Made2order Plushes are a great way to 3Dify your kids’ drawings. BigBrownMonster loves fleshing out these cos they are so much fun to do!
  • You may also consider having portrait plushes of yourself+ your Significant Other done up for a very very special occasion. 😉
  • All plushes are lovingly crafted by BigBrownMonster and no two pieces are the same cos they are artistically imperfect.
  • All creatures are made of new material, stuffed polyester filling and are to be surface cleaned only.
  • Material used is subject to availability. So you may have variations in use of buttons, colour or prints on textile. Hey, that makes every piece unique.
  • As rule of thumb, plushes with small and moving parts (zips and buttons) are not recommended for young children. Will gladly customise if required (e.g. replace with velcro or small knots) should you like to get something for a little one.


  • Between 40-60 cm tall/wide: AUD 90
  • you can also have names stitched on  (no more than 8 characters cos you can’t have too long a tag): AUD 8


Currently payment is possible over Paypal or bank transfer if you are in Australia/Singapore. Oh yah…..and all prices quoted do not include postage and handling.

How to get a Made2order Plush:

  1. Contact BigBrownMonster FIRST to discuss about what you’d like to have made.
  2. BigBrownMonster will provide an estimate quote on the project + postage, and you are to make a 50% downpayment for the plush before the work commences.
  3. During the production, BigBrownMonster may contact you should there be any changes to cost / design.
  4. BigBrownMonster may then issue a second invoice for any additional postage + any other possible costs. These will be communicated to you during the production period.
  5. Once that’s paid, the plush will packed and dropped off at the postie. Or you may choose to pick it up.
  6. All BBM stuff gets packed & posted in specially designed/printed BBM boxes (unless they get too big to fit into BBM boxes) too :)


So before you click a payment item from the drop-down menu below, make sure you’ve gotten round to discussing your made2order plush with BigBrownMonster.

Contact BBM now! 🙂

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