BigBrownMonster’s Made2order Bags

What are BigBrownMonster’s Made2order Bags?

Save the environment and upcycle!

If you have pieces of clothing or fabric that you’d hate to part with, perhaps it’s time to give them a new lease of life with the help of BigBrownMonster. Made2order Bags are hence unique as they are mainly crafted from your preloved garments and textile and they are surely something that only you can dearly identify with.

*NEW* Bigbrownmonster now has all-purpose blank canvas tote that allows you to have your kiddo’s doodles sewn on! Check out what it means to have your very own Doodle-a-bag!

Bags are priced according to types:

Made2order Bags starts at various base prices. Final prices depend on complexities of your requests and material used.

The Wallet

  • Approx 10 x 26 cm. When opened, accesses compartments for notes and cards
  • Base price AUD 40

Wallet BetaWallet Beta

The Texta Pouch

  • Approx 13 x 26 cm. Includes zipper and mini sling
  • Base price AUD 40


The Notepad/Tablet Pouch

  • Approx 25-30 x 20-25 cm. May include zipper/velcro fasteners and sewn-on sling
  • Base price AUD 45

The Everyday Tote

  • Approx 45-50 x 30 x 3-4 cm. May include an internal pocket and sewn-on sling
  • Base price AUD 60


The Messenger Bag

  • Approx 45-50 x 30-35 x 12 cm. May include external front pocket/s, external side pocket/s, zipper and sewn-on sling
  • Base price: AUD/USD 75


Customised name tags

  • No more than 8 characters cos you can’t have too long a tag
  • AUD/USD 8

Payment possible over Paypal or bank transfer if you are in Australia/Singapore.…..and all prices quoted do not include postage and handling.

How to get a Made2order Bag:

  1. Contact BigBrownMonster FIRST to discuss about what you’d like to have made.
  2. BigBrownMonster will advise on the price and duration required for making your bag.
  3. BigBrownMonster will request for a downpayment of up to 50%.
  4. During the production, BigBrownMonster may contact you should there be any changes to cost / design.
  5. BigBrownMonster may then issue a second invoice for any additional postage + any other possible costs. These will be communicated to you during the production period.
  6. Once the balance is fully paid, the bag will packed and dropped off at the postie. Or you can choose to have it picked up.
  7. All BBM stuff gets packed & posted in specially designed/printed BBM boxes too :)

Terms & Conditions

  • You are to bear the return postage cost of sending the fabric and made2order bag upon its completion.
  • Made2order bags will be mainly made of fabric that you provide so please provide CLEAN fabric for made2order bags.
  • While efforts will be made to conserve as much of the original article provided for the new bag, sometimes it is not possible to have 100% conservation.
  • Please highlight to BigBrownMonster the specific elements you would like to conserve (e.g. zip, buttons, certain motifs/’marks’ of sentimental value etc etc).
  • Any additional fabric and accessories used to craft made2order bags will be by BigBrownMonster‘s sole discretion.
  • There is strictly no returns of made2order bags.
  • Made2order bags are designed for casual use and are not meant for ‘heavy-duty’ and ‘rugged’ use. Owners should exercise discretion when using these bags. After all, it’s not the way to treat a loved one :)

So before you click on a payment item from the drop-down menu below, make sure you’ve gotten round to discussing your made2order bag with BigBrownMonster. Contact BBM now?

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