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Paper Dolls

Remember the good old days when you trot down to the neighbourhood stationery stall to pick up the latest printed card/paper doll cutouts for less than fifty cents? Certainly, the pre-barbie days were filled with afternoons when girls (and boys too) grow up swapping and dolling up these 2D cutouts.

So here’s the craft for the week….a throwback to the good old days and letting Pinkxi have a go at fashion design or perhaps even a kind of rapid prototyping for bigger things to come (pre-photoshop/illustrator exercise). BBM thinks it should while away a couple of hours in the afternoon if you are looking for something to occupy your holidaying lil one.

What you need are:

    • glue
    • scissors/cutters
    • thin cardboard (great to recycle those cornflake boxes)
    • pencils/crayons/markers
    • commercial catalogues/magazines
    • an existing dress up doll (optional)

Paper dolls


      • Trace the dress up doll on the cardboard and then cut it out. This will be Model Zero, from which you will duplicate more models and create templates for dresses. It’s ok to also draw out your own figure (can be a boy, monster, alien etc etc) if you do not have an existing doll to start with.

Paper dolls

      • Pencil/colour in the models.

Paper dolls

      • Make sure to draw in at least 4 folding tabs on the dresses cutouts. Check that the tabs are large enough to fold and catch onto the models’ shoulders and waists.

Paper dolls

      • Sieve through the catalogues/magazines and get kiddo to cut out whatever he/she fancies….accessories, shoes, fabric patterns, textures etc. Do get kiddo to box them away before the table gets too messy.

Paper dolls

      • Encourage kiddo to mix and match different colours, textures, apparels and even shapes and sizes to make different types of costume dresses for the models.

Paper dolls

      • You can also experiment with making head gear, bags and even shoes for the models.

Paper dolls

      • If you like to have them stand during play, try to prop up the models by attaching a perpendicular piece of cardboard on their backs.

Paper dolls

All done? Well, clear the table, throw on the spot light and prepare for the catwalk! Have fun and do share your kiddo’s fashion creations on BBM’s Facebook page.

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