Cashing In


Pinkxi’s 6th birthday is coming up and BBM did promised her a party this year. They had previously agreed she will only get a party and invite her friends once every 2 years, only on those ‘even-numbered’ birthdays  (subject to her recent behaviour & well….*BBM peeked into his wallet and sighed*).

BBM felt, over the past year, Pinkxi had understood that money;
– needs to be earned (e.g. by helping BBM tend the market stall and packing+posting orders at the post office)
– is being used for transactions (e.g. checking grocery’s price tags, paying cashiers and receiving the right change)
– can be squirrelled away for future use (e.g. a-MEGAEVENT-of a birthday)
– can also be put aside to treat/help others (e.g. getting loved ones a present or making little coin donations at charity drop boxes)

BBM is mindful that Pinkxi understands that a birthday party remains a privilege and not an entitlement. BBM reiterated to Pinkxi on how she had been ‘working TOGETHER’ with him to save up on goodwill/‘brownie points’ and actual spare change over the past year. & while ‘having money’ does allow one to plan for a party, it also means a deserving Pinkxi is to learn that she will need to part with it, i.e. having to ‘cash in’ her ’savings’ to help ‘finance’ HER party & procure craft materials for those ‘surprise-i-love-you’ cards which she promised to make for her faraway kin-monsters last year.

Hopefully that sits well with a 6-year-old-to-be.

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