BBM-crafted Bow Ties


BBM vainest possession is his handmade bow tie because it is so retro-nerdy that it’s uncool not to wear one. Some say a bowtie it draws attention to the face (& BBM has a big face as we all can tell). But for BBM, there’s nothing worse to spoiling a nice dinner date than messing up a long tie with your spaghetti bolognese.

BBM’s favourite style is the everyday smart casual “Straight” look. It is about 1 ¾ inches tall. & being the busy papa monster as he is, he’s never gotten round to learn how to tie them, so here’s what he did…..he actually made them with easy snap on velcro! Now talk about convenience heh.

Of cos BBM can custom make ties of other styles like;


  • Classic, 2 ½ inches tall (not sure what style to get? well, here’s the generic one)
  • Diamond Point, 2 ¼ inches tall (get an even more retro look)
  • Straight, 1 ¾ inches tall (for slick everyday use and average frame chappies)
  • Wide, 3 ¾ inches tall (simply for the big guy)

and they are made to fit neck sizes from 14 ½ to 18 inches. All you need to do is give BBM a hoot about what fabrics are available and the style that you want. Discounts available if you are getting a pair…one for the lil prince and the daddy in da house. 🙂

Straight Style

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