Winter 2016

Winter seems to be so much longer this year. BBM’s been serving up warm hearty soup and stew for the family. Lil Pinkxi loves ABC soup the most because it has all the vegetables that she likes…namely potatoes, carrots and tomatoes. BBM reckons its umami gets a levelling up with the bone and shellfish stock that goes into the soup. BBM believes that all the calcium from the bones are great not only for a growing critter but also for his own aging limbs.

The BBM Crew did manage to go to Mt Buller to experience snow this year. It was indeed very lucky to have bright clear skies and nice thick snow when they were there. BBM and Lil Pinkxi managed to try out skiing and admittedly youth has certain advantages, especially when it comes to telling the body to pick up a new skill. The highlight was also tobogganing, snowfights and making their very own snowman/gnome (and a pretty big one at that).


Lil Pinkxi and BBM certainly hope that the snowman/gnome will last till the end of the tourist season and they left him a couple of carrots for good measure.


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